Sadie Nott is working on a novel or two. She also writes short fiction, with words in A Wild and Precious Life, Liars' League, LossLit, The Selkie and The Book of Godless Verse. She has won a Creative Future Literary Award and has two published non-fiction books.

Sadie Nott



A Ton of Feathers

A Ton of Feathers is the story of the complicated coming-of-age of Louise Hayes, her entangled relationship with her hippy mother and New Age idealism gone seriously awry. 

Here is a Spotify Playlist of twenty songs which inspired me when writing the book.

The novel's opening has been selected to appear in the TLC/AM Heath Free Reads Anthology.


It has been shortlisted in:

and longlisted in

I was awarded the Katharine Orton Bursary for a full manuscript review from The Literary Consultancy

The novel's opening was chosen for the Spread the Word/Rocking Chair Books agent feedback opportunity and its pitch was a winner in the Cornerstones pitch competition.


I am currently seeking representation for A Ton of Feathers.

Short Fiction


This is a piece of flash fiction about grief.


It appeared in LossLit issue 4 (May 2017).


This short story about family mealtimes was published in a Special Issue of the Journal of Psychosocial Studies on Offering and Receiving Food. 

It is also an early version of a chapter in A Ton of Feathers

Olive at the Gallery

This short story is about identity, madness and art. It is based on Redon's painting, Ophelia among the Flowers.


The story is forthcoming in ACE-funded recovery anthology A Wild and Precious Life. The anthology has been successfully crowdfunded on Unbound and will come out in 2020. 


This story was also highly commended in the Liars' League & National Gallery short story competition.

Ophelia among the Flowers, Odilon Redon, 1905-8, National Gallery

There was an old lady

This is a short story written in response to a call from The Book of Godless Verse for pieces about Christmas and rituals people handmake in the face of life's every day messiness. 

It is about a canine commemoration.


My short story, 'Ray', grew from  watching the foxes in my garden with admiration and trepidation and from my wish to write something allegorical. 


It was chosen as a winning story by Liars League for their event on the theme of Women and Girls where it was read out by an actress Miranda Harrison at The Phoenix, London on 13th August 2019

This short story was written in response to Creative Future's call for works on the theme of chemistry. It is about both pharmaceutical and human chemistry.

It led to me becoming one of the winners of a Creative Future Literary Award 2018

I read part of this story at the Creative Future Showcase in the London Literature Festival at the Southbank Centre in October 2018. It is published in an anthology, Chemistry, available from Creative Future.

Safe as Houses

'Safe as Houses' is a short story that grew from a Word Factory workshop about place.


It explores what happens when something about a house mirrors protagonist Paula's childhood experiences and her inner experience of herself.


The story appeared in The Selkie, March 2019

I have a forthcoming short story:

  • 'Dear Ocean' in the She Seas anthology, edited by Astra Bloom

I have been selected by author Anna Vaught to receive free mentoring for the short story collection I am currently working on.




As a research psychologist, I authored one non-fiction book (published by Harper Collins) and was the editor of another (published by Churchill Livingstone).


I have written a book review:

Reading minds: the best mental health novels and memoirs of 2018. Mental Health Today, 21 Dec 2018

I have also had articles published in The Guardian and The Times Higher Education Supplement


I began creative writing in 2014. To learn how to write fiction I have completed short courses at City Lit, Goldsmiths and The Word Factory, have attended an Arvon retreat, and for the last five years have been going to a regular tutored writing workshop led by poet and novelist Caroline Natzler.

I am seeking representation for my first novel, A Ton of Feathers. I am currently working on my second novel and a short story collection.


I am proud to be a winner of a Creative Future Literary Award 2018 and am grateful to have been awarded the Katharine Orton Bursary for a Free Read from The Literary Consultancy.

Before changing direction to focus on creative writing, I worked as a research psychologist and lecturer at Guys & St Thomas' and St George's medical schools, LSBU and the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings. I have a PhD in Psychology from Goldsmiths and a diploma in Psychoanalytic Psychology from Birkbeck.

My writing often explores emotional pain and the things we do to numb or mask it. This work is informed by both my background in psychology and my personal history of psychological troubles.

I am a volunteer ghostwriter with the Ministry of Stories. I live in south London with my husband and have two adult sons.

There is more about me in this interview with The Nottingham Review.

News & Events


I'm reading my short story 'Olive at the Gallery' and discussing writing and recovery at The Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green at an event with three other writers from the A Wild and Precious Life anthology and chaired by Lily Dunn.


My spoof unsent rejection letter to agents I decided not to query, entitled 'I Just Didn't Love You Enough' won me a place on the Don't Mess with Writers, We'll Describe You panel chaired by Maxine Mawhinney at the Primadonna Festival 30th Aug - 1st September, Suffolk.


My short story, 'Ray' will be read by actress Miranda Harrison at the Liar's League Women and Girls event at The Phoenix on this day.


I was awarded the Katharine Orton Bursary for a Free Read for A Ton of Feathers from The Literary Consultancy today.


I'm  reading my short story, There was an old lady, at the Creative Future showcase as part of the London Literature Festival at the Southbank Centre.


Today I became one of twelve writers and poets to win a Creative Future Literary Award for underrepresented writers.

26th June 2017  READING - SHORT STORY

I'm reading an extract from my short story, Dandelion, at the Fifth BSA Food Study Group Conference: Food & Society 2017 in a Symposium on Offering Food - Receiving Food


I'm reading the opening of my novel, A Ton of Feathers, at the York Festival of Writing Friday Night Live event